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Jenna Marie

Being brought up in a household with a wide variety of music genres had a big impact upon my taste in music. I could go from listening to the likes of Gabrielle and Simply Red, to Black Sabbath and then to the completely opposite end of the spectrum with Lisa Lashes.

From as early as I can remember, I was plaguing my mum’s life out by listening to The Spice Girls album on repeat, but finally at the age of around 8, I discovered some better quality music in the form of Linkin Park. My parents bought me the ‘Hybrid Theory’ album along with the matching hoodie and I played that CD to death for years to come. From here, I started exploring different genres of rock and became interested in other bands such as Coheed and Cambria, Enter Shikari, Blink 182 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Coincidentally, they were the first band I ever saw live at the Ricoh Arena in 2006.

Turning 14 for me was a big highlight because this meant I was able to start attending gigs that my friends were playing; at my local live music venue – The Queens Hall. I spent most weekends of my teenage years there, meeting new people and listening to new bands. Little did I know that 4 years later I’d be working at the same venue and I haven’t left since!

My life heavily revolves around music – still to this day. As well as being privileged enough to enjoy live music week in, week out within my job, I spend a lot of my spare time at gigs and festivals with friends and looking at my Top 10 albums will define my music taste.

Top 10 albums
In no order…

1. Kiss – Dynasty
2. Enter Shikari – Take to the Skies
3. Biffy Clyro – Puzzle
4. Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame
5. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
6. I Prevail – Trauma
7. Eminem – Encore
8. Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal
9. A Day To Remember – Homesick
10. Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Balcony

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