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Jessica May

Jessica spent most of her childhood surrounded by rock music. Whether it was on the radio or being played by her Dad and his many cover bands. Although surrounded by it she never truly found her love for rock until she first heard Queen. The song ‘Now i’m here’ opened Jessica up to a whole new world of music.

However it wasn’t until She met Adam and his friends that Jess realised just how many types rock there are. And now thanks to them she has a much better music taste and is in a band she really loves.

When it comes to influences Jessica struggles to list them off as she has quite a wide music taste. She would definitely say indie, blues and good old fashioned rock and roll makes up most of her playlists.

Apart from listening to and playing music Jessica is also an aspiring dancer and is currently studying dance at Derby University. She began dancing five years ago and found a true passion for it. She is hoping to keep up with her music and dance for many years to come.

Jessica’s Top 10 artists:
● Elton John
● The Beatles
● Bon Jovi
● Nirvana
● Queen
● New Familiar
● My Chemical Romance
● Dxwnsides
● Brothers of metal
● Emma Blackery

Jessica sees the Crew Rock radio as an outlet for her creativity and a way to bring new and smaller unsigned bands into the spotlight. She has many friendships with several bands and uses them to her advantage. She helps them and they help her. It is a smart and fun way to stay involved with the industry and has also helped her make lifelong friends.

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