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Megan Smith

Top 10 artists:

Nothing but thieves Muse Motley crue Linkin park Psychedelic porn crumpets Red hot chili peppers Kingdom come Rage against the machine Led zeppelin Stereophonics Top 10 albums Dr Feelgood Post human: survival horror In your face High visceral pt1 Black holes & revelations Meteora Broken machine Led zeppelin II Resistance Scream above the sounds I was brought up listening to bands like depeche mode, linkin park and muse.

Music is a big part of my life, my dad was always in his studio producing new music most evenings, which is when he taught me how to write a good song. From early ages, I was learning to play multiple instruments. From the violin, to piano, to now teaching myself to play the guitar. My favourite things to play are from bands I listen to. As long as they have a fun sounding riff, I’ll always try to learn it. I’ve always been one to set up and record live music from the age of 12.

But I still have a lot to learn.

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