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Through an interventionist route I found myself in the 60’s, succumbing immediately to an illness that has courted me my whole life called Beatlemania.
Fledgling years took me to continental Australasia… & back again a couple of years later, in which time I circumcised the world.
The 80’s abruptly arrived, which I didn’t find to my taste, so I metaphorically went back to the Sixties and found a positive cornucopia of musical abundance.
Stones, CSN&Y, Airplane, Yardbirds… By which time Beatlemania had once again set in.
I intend to mainly concentrate my input on the 1960/70 time period that produced the greatest albums of all time (Rumours, Ziggy Stardust, Rubber Soul, Crosby Stills & Nash).
Turn on, tune in and drop out for a magical mystery tour…
A starship to Xanadu…
This is the end my friend…
The end.

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