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The Internet radio station that gives you 24/7 Rock Music!

Here’s a little bit about the shows our DJ’s produce. We cover all of the Rock genre’s from Blues to Southern Rock, Punk to Progressive Metal, Hardcore to Death Metal and beyond.

Check out the show descriptions, jump to the schedules page and track down the show you want to hear. You’ll find that shows are repeated allowing you to more conveniently listen to the music you like.

Hooky’s Headbangers

A show that pays homage to the best metal and rock music from across the decades.

GlItched Metal

Some of the heaviest of the heaviest with everything in between! Glitched Metal has everything from Nu to Death, to Black and some of the obscure thrown in for good measure.

Lou’s Spotlight & Lou’s Friday Rock Show

New acts, old act’s with new releases, unsigned and independent bands and classic rock anthems all come together for two hours of mixed rock mayhem. This is where you can find local acts, their demo’s and their new releases. If you have a band that wants some airplay for your new or old material, then send Lou your work for consideration.

2 Hours of POWER!

“2 Hours of Power” with Dirty Harris, brings the best in rock / alternative / metal / punk / doom / death and more. Ranging from up to the minute releases, anthems and bangers to delving into what happened at this time in rock history. The loudest pick ‘n’ mix today!

Dudes Punk Rock Show

From 1976 through to the great sounds of 77 -79, the ‘OI!’ of the early 80’s, the anger, speed & energy of the UK82 punk & Ska punk, the American punk of the 90’s right through to the new bands of today, Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

D.J’s Denim and Leather

Celebrating New Wave of British Heavy Metal, (N.W.O.B.H.M), New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, (N.W.O.T.H.M), Old School Metal and Beyond with your host Darren.

Metalcore Madness

Metalcore madness plays metal designed to melt your ears. Featuring bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, Bullet for my Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and  Avenged Sevenfold. Time to wake the neighbours.

The Amp

Smiffy is here playing the best of the best in rock and metal, not to be missed!

Indie-Spensable with Kyle Boswell

Playing some of the best and greatest Indie tracks around.

Ben Green Rock Show

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Rock Ballads and more to sink your teeth into.



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