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SKELETAL REMAINS – Fragments Of The Ageless

So, death-metallers Skeletal Remains are releasing their album on the 8 th of March 2024. In
my opinion, this album is another great EP from the band and is sure to please all listeners.
The opening track is titled ‘Relentless Appetite’- this is a great opening track, properly setting
the tone for the rest of the album. It offers fans great guitar melodies and consistent drums
from start to finish.
The first standout track of the album I’d say is ‘To conquer the devout’. What stands out to
me about this track is the heavy vocals. Skeletal Remains are consistent in their ability to
master all of the elements that they put into their music. Not to mention, the melody of the
guitar solos throughout the song.
One thing about Skeletal Remains that I like is that they are always offering fans great heavy
instrumentals throughout the Eps that they release. This is especially the case in tracks,
such as ‘Void of Despair’.
Another standout track of the album is ‘Ceremony of Impiety’; One thing I find impressive is
that although it’s a shorter track, it manages to keep all of the elements to make it an epic
The next standout song of the album is ‘Unmerciful’. This is the longest track of the album at
around 7 minutes long. Although this is the case, they still manage to keep listeners
entertained and excited for the rest of the album.
‘…Evocation (The Rebirth)’ is the closing track of the album, once again offering fans great
In my opinion, this album can’t be faulted. From the consistently good instrumentals to the
heavy vocals throughout, this makes for a great new release. Be sure to check in on the 8 th
of March 2024 to check out this great album.


Review by Jessica Walford

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