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Dragonforce – Warp Speed Warriors

Warp speed Warriors

Warp speed warriors is the latest album from power metal powerhouse Dragonforce. Dragonforce first emerged into the public eye with their famous song Through the fire and Flames which was featured on the game guitar hero 3 along with being nominated for a Grammy and bringing back the popularity of guitar shredding to the masses.

The opening track Astro warrior anthem is a brilliant way to open an album with melodic fast guitars giving the song character and powerful drums providing energy to the song. It sets a brilliant tone to start off with and perfectly hypes up the listener for the rest of the album.

The first standout track is titled Power of the Triforce a wonderful ode to the game series legend of zelda. It has lyrics any video game fan can enjoy supported by brilliant instrumental work and yet another powerful vocal performance from singer Marc Hudson.

Another standout track is kingdom of steel. This track is a total change of pace after two face melting tracks back to back. It slows the album down with a slow melodic power ballad with powerful drums and soaring vocals throughout along with a solo that sounds like it came straight out of the 80s with harmonies and slow lead melodies.

A quick mention has to be given to the bonus tracks with songs from the album featuring performances from artist like Nita Strauss and Alissa White-Gluz along with a cover of the Taylor Swift song Wildest Dreams.

Overall this album is a great power metal album which fans of Dragonforce will enjoy as they stick with their signature sound of virtuosic guitars solos and lead fills from guitar duo Herman and Sam, soaring vocals from Marc Hudson all backed with powerful inhumanly tight drums from Gee Anzalone.


Review by Cobain Kemp

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