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Borknagar – FALL

So Norwegian metallers Borknagar release their latest album titled ‘ Fall’, which is
on the 23 rd of February 2024.
The opening track ‘ Summits’, in my opinion, is an amazing track to open the album. It gives
fans a good idea of the insane range that this band has to offer. The instrumentals give this
song an atmospheric feel. The vocals in this track are very diverse, ranging all the way from
black metal vocals to clean modern metal vocals.
‘Nordic Anthem’ is 100% one of the best tracks of the album, combining elements such as
trance and ambience with melodic instrumentals to create a listen that is pleasing for all fans
One things that stand out about this album to me is their pure melodic guitar riffs that
frequently appear throughout the songs, especially in songs such as ‘Moon’ and
‘Unravelling’, sticking with a traditional folk metal sound with perfectly placed hints of
progressive metal. One thing this band never fails to do is combine different elements and
styles to give all listeners something interesting and new to listen to.
The closing track titled ‘Northward’ is yet another great track, continuing to expertly transition
from black metal to folk metal, this song is another brilliant example of how smoothly
Borknagar can combine completely different styles of metal into one auditory pleasing track
for all listeners.
All in all, this is a great album; from folk to black to progressive this band masters combining
all different elements with expertise. This album is sure to keep all fans of metal entertained,
bringing in something new for everyone. Be sure to listen to this album on the 23 rd of
February 2024.


Review by Jessica Walford

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