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Austrian Death Machine – Quad Brutal

After being put on hiatus Austrian Death Machine are back with a brand-new release after a decade
wait with a new album ‘Quad Brutal’.
The first track ‘No Pain No Gain’, which features guitarist Angel Vivaldi, is a tight brutal song which
shows off the new more metal-core based style that Austrian Death Machine has to offer with
flawless fretwork from the guest musician and powerful coherent screams throughout.
The first notable track is ‘Conquer’ which features vocalist Hellbørn and guitarist Cayton King. The
latter shines through on this release and his influence really makes the song whole with hooky
technical guitar riffs and a brilliant melodic solo.
The next notable track is ‘Judgement Day’ with an appearance from vocalist Ricky Hoover. The vocals
on this track are powerful and brutal but defined providing an enjoyable experience for the listener
along with the solos that are a standout with their memorable melodies and technical prowess.
Another memorable track is ‘Don’t Be Lazy’ that features Craig Golias. Yet again the guitar work
sores in this song with catchy memorable riffs and simply brilliant solos that keep the melody heard
in previously mentioned songs, but the real standout here is the use of sampling that is heard
throughout the album, but it makes the song here providing personality and humour to a brutal well
written track.
Then finally we have the closing track ‘I Never Quit’ featuring KILL ROB BAILEY, Craig Golias and
Brandon Richter. This song has the standout features of almost every song on the album, with solid
guitar work and brilliant vocals – this is a very good memorable closing track to end a brilliant return
from Austrian Death machine.
The sound has changed overall going into a more modern metal sound and leaving some of the
thrash elements behind from previous albums. One thing that simply has to be mentioned is the
drums that reign supreme on this album sounding like machine gun fire from one of Arnie’s own
action movies, they are prominent and make every song powerful and brutal. Another thing is the
number of collaborations on this album, that helps to make every song unique and giving something
new to offer the listener on every track. Austrian Death Machine have returned with a vengeance
with this release coming out on the 23 rd of February, you simply don’t want to miss this album.


Reviewed by Jessica Walford & Cobain Kemp

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