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“El Turf”

Louis is a casual blues guitar player, a writer, a photographer, failed impressionist and a part time DJ. He was born a year before man stepped on the moon.

His previous jobs have been as a writer for Trinity Mirror group, the website Den of Geek and as a “staff” writer for quite a few movie and science fiction sites and magazines.. Louis has also been a voice over man, IT support specialist (for IBM), creative designer (for IBM), lead singer, guitarist and blues guitarist in a few bands and a digital retouch artist for and IT controller for a national photographic company. He once owned a comic and memorabilia shop, where he also fixed computers. Unfortunately, his business brain isn’t very good, so this didn’t last very long. At the moment Louis is working on his book, “How to Make Gravy out of Tea Leaves”, writing for this website and also taking pictures of fast cars and bikes. Being disabled he is also a disability warrior.

Louis was born in the 1960’s and was brought up listening to the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Shadows, Eric Clapton, Jean Michele Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Blondie. Other musical inspiration comes from Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He is also a fan of ABBA, but please don’t judge him on that. Over the years Louis has also been indoctrinated into U2, BB King, Queen, David Bowie, ACDC, The Breeders, Emma Blackery and most rock bands from the 1970’s to the dawn of the 21st Century. He also likes Dodi, Dido and Orla.

Louis’ daughter Jess works as a DJ on the Crew Rock Radio, so you have Louis to blame for most of her taste in music. However, if not for her, he would not be listening to Dodi, Emma or Orla. Not that he had much choice…

Louis’ does not have one favourite concert, he has 2. He once saw the original line up of the Electric Light Orchestra at the NEC, before Bev left the band. It left a lasting impression and possibly some hearing damage. His next pick is a concert when he saw ZZ Top / Bryan Adams / Law / Little Angels and Thunder, at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 1991. There was a lot of alcohol involved and he can only just remember the music, but it was goooood.

Louis’ top ten albums:

  • Robert Johnson, Complete Recordings (1990)
  • Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits (1971)
  • Queen, Live at Wembley ‘86
  • ELO, Out of the Blue
  • Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
  • Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
  • U2, Joshua Tree
  • The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • ACDC, Back in Black
  • ACDC, Power Up

This order changes on a daily basis, and sometimes Elvis pops in there too. Thank you very much…

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