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Kevin Oatham

Hey, I’m Kev, presenter of mojoRocks here at the crew rock radio. I was born in London and grew up with my parents liking various music types from rock to country and pop music. My first love of music came from Kate bush – wuthering hieghts, and Gary Numan- cars, I also got into slade in 1983 with there song my oh my, My first rock gig came at the age of 20 when my friend Colin and I went to Guns n’ Roses at Wembley in 1992 (I did see Kylie Minogue but let’s leave that there). Since then my friend have been to many gigs seeing the likes of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Thunder, Poison, Motley Crue, skid row and many others. I love going to gigs although I am still a festival virgin, my music taste has always been on the rock side of things getting into heavier stuff. I moved to Nuneaton in 2016 my first bar I was told to wait was the crew and feel in love with the place I have meet many bands here and have always wanted to DJ. I saw an advertisement asking for DJ’s at the crewrockradio and here I am. I hoping that we can enjoy the music together and remember live life loud, keep on rocking my friends. Kev, Presenter of MojoRocks.

My top 10 albums:-

1. Poison – Open up and say Arghh!!

2. Pink Floyd – The Division Bell.

3. Guns and Roses – Appetite for Destruction

4. Thunder – Back Street Symphony

5. Motley Crue – Girls Girls Girls.

6. AC/DC – Razors Edge

7. Metallica – Metallica

8. Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet.

9. Def Leppard – hysteria

10. Rammstein – Mutter.

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