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RAGE – Afterlifelines

German power metallers Rage are releasing their new EP ‘Afterlifelines’ on the 29 th of March
The opening track ‘In The Beginning’ offer fans a slow, easy introductory into the album. This
allows fans to focus on the instrumental elements of the band, which as always never miss.
Rage then completely shifts the energy, from the previous soft, relaxing instrumental to a
traditional power metal ballad in a track called ‘End of Illusions’. Opening this track with a riff
that is likely to entice all listeners. They also intersperse heavier vocals completely
contrasting the cleaner style vocals used throughout the rest of the song.
The title track ‘Afterlife’, in my opinion, is also a great song, showing the vocalist Peavy
Wagner’s ability to fluctuate between heavier and cleaner vocals. From the vocals to the
riffs, what’s not to like?
Songs like ‘Dead Man’s Eyes’ show just how good Rage’s story telling abilities are. One
thing I love about this band is the consistent standout guitar work, especially on tracks such
as ‘Toxic Waves’ and ‘Justice Will Be Mine’.
Rage then offers fans a typical power metal track, giving fans something upbeat and lively to
listen to in the track ‘Waterwar’.
The next standout track of the album is ‘Shadow World’ combining the use of catchy riffs and
the vocal ability of Peavy Wagner, who can deny that this is another great song.
The track ‘Cold Desire’ once again completely shifts the tone, starting out with soft piano
melodies before delving straight back into the power metal we all love.
Now personally one of my favourite tracks of the album is ‘Root Of Our Evil’, from the riffs to
the vocals to the drums, this makes for a great track.
The next standout track for me is definitely ‘One World’, this provides fans with a song that
has softer sounding instrumental aspects whilst managing to still keep the overall power
metal tone.
My favourite track of the album is ‘Dying to Live’, keeping a soft, almost acoustic vibe to the
song – primarily focusing on the vocals.
‘Lifelines’, which is the longest song of the EP at 9:54, shows Rage’s ability to keep fans
interested and immersed in the music.
‘Interlude’ is a great example of how instrumentally talented Rage are, offering fans another
instrumental packed with ambience that is sure not to disappoint.
The closing track ‘In The End’ circulates back to somewhat mirror the opening track, once
again offering fans another softly delivered track.
This EP, all in all is a great album from start to finish; Rage masterfully combines elements of
ambience, heavy riffs and consistent drums to create perfectly concocted tracks – not to
mention the amazing vocals throughout. Be sure to listen to this album , released 29 th of March


Review by Jessica Walford

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