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Alestorm – Voyage of the Dead Marauder

Pirate Metallers Alestorm are back with a brand-new ep titled ‘Voyage of the Dead
Marauder’. This will be released on the 22 nd of March 2024, following their UK and Ireland
2024 tour with Korpiklaani and Heidevolk.
The EP opens with the title track ‘Voyage of the Dead Marauder’ featuring Patty Gurdy. This
song is brilliant, opening with a great riff. The thing that stands out in this track for me is the
epic vocals from both Alestorm vocalist Christopher Bowles and Patty Gurdy; from Bowles’
harsher vocals to Patty Gurdy’s captivating softer vocals – they make a great pair.
The next track of this album is ‘Uzbekistan’. This is definitely my favourite track of the EP,
offering fans a classic Alestorm song – providing a catchy cheesy pirate metal track. Who
could ask for more? Just over half-way into this song, Alestorm smoothly transition into synth
elements, switching up the tone before delving into a lot harsher vocals. With tracks like this
they are sure to keep fans entertained.
Following this track we have ‘The Last Saskatchewan Pirate’. Songs like this show just how
good Alestorm’s story telling abilities are, just adding to the talent this band have.
To mix it up, Alestorm offer fans an instrumental track titled ‘Sea Shanty 2’. This shows how
Alestorm can still master pirate themed music, even without the epic vocals to back it up.
Lastly, completely contrasting the previous song, the closing track ‘Cock’ delves straight
back into the pirate metal that we all love. This song is a typical Alestorm track, with catchy
riffs and foul lyrics, what’s not to love ? This track is very reminiscent of songs such as
‘Fucked with an Anchor’. This makes for a brilliant closing track.
Alestorm, once again, created an epic EP that is sure to keep fans entertained, from talent to
stage presence this is definitely a band worthy of checking out. Be sure to check out this
album when it drops on the 22 nd of March 2024.


Review by Jessica Walford

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