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tAKiDA – The Agony Flame

tAKiDA “The Agony Flame”


Takida is back with a new album, “The Agony Flame.” It is the band’s ninth studio album and serves as a follow-up to the record “Falling From Fame,” released in August 2021. The band experimented with different mixes, striving for perfection, and Robert Pettersson, who has been involved as a co-producer on the last four albums, emphasized the importance of Chris Rehn’s contribution. Chris handled the technical aspects and brought in interesting arrangements and melodies.

The intensive and prolonged work on the album has been both challenging and rewarding, resulting in a sense of separation anxiety upon completion.


Nonetheless, the band feels that the effort has paid off, marking a new phase in their career.


The release of a new album invites listeners to interpret the lyrics in their own way, and Takida strives to maintain a level of mystery in their songwriting. The album includes a track, “Sickening,” which stands out musically and began as an experiment, drawing inspiration from grunge elements.


Next year, Takida will celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band, and despite the uncertainties in the world, the future looks bright for Takida.




  1. “Third strike” This actually gave me 80s almost synth influence from the piano intro. This track was lyrically resonating with me , delving deep into the subject of the black dog. Something I have suffered with for many years. Vocally stunning.
  2. “The other side” I love how this track felt heavier musically and I really enjoyed the guitar in this one. It showcased more of the musical talent. I can see myself at a live show dancing away and this track being a crowd pleaser.
  3. “Sacred spell” this track has a killer guitar solo. Phenomenal! Loved how it was soft to start and belts in the middle giving the song a greater impact.
  4. “In time” my favorite track from the album hands down. I like tracks I can dance away and head bob to and this delivered. It is one I will definitely be belting out at a live show! Epic from start to finish. Having the strings featured on the track gave it mega epic points and I can genuinely see this track being featured in a film or tv series it’s that’s good!
  5. “Your blood awaits you” sound wise you could call it the “ballad” track of the album. But it is anything but a ballad. It’s a harrowing tale of how someone fell victim to substance abuse and the impact it has. A subject not many can deliver with such beauty and class but this was done in a way that made me get a lump in my throat. Let’s just leave it at that. Compelling and impactful.
  6. “Nothing but a misplace” this track resonated with my lyrically so much. Feeling like you’re giving too much and it never being enough.
  7. “The loneliest hour” I loved how I could hear more of the drumming talents in this track. The Vocals once again I can’t fault and I felt it was heavier on this one and this is easily my second favorite track. The guitar was shredding and the this is a play over and over track! I hope to hear this played live one day.
  8. “Sickening” the bass on this was grungy and dirty. A fist in the air worthy track. This was heavy musically and lyrically.
  9. “Isolated (smoke and mirrors)” I shall be front and center belting this track out. Absolutely phenomenal.
  10. “On the line” this took me back to being the teenage misunderstood EMO kid. If only this song existed back then. Hopefully this reaches the ones like me who once lost their way.
  11. “Second fiddle” my god! If there was ever a song to sum up one of the most painful things I had gone through this was it. I was hit with a HUGE wave of emotion on this one lyrically. I don’t think any band has managed to achieve that before so all I can say is very very well done.


Holy freaking moly!!!

As well as this being one of the most beautiful vocals I’ve heard this album packs a punch musically and I loved how the instruments were diverse with use of strings and piano.

But the lyrics of this album are ones that I can confidently say will be forever engrained into me.

This album is not afraid to go there in subject matter many are scared to talk about. Maybe out of shame or fear of judgement or feeling like people just won’t get it. Believe me I have been there for many many years.

This album however didn’t make me feel sad or depressed. It gave me comfort and almost healing.

After tackling some absolutely horrific things in my life it made me realize how far I have come.

I honestly wish this album existed when I was a troubled teen. I can see this album having such a huge impact on people as it has on me.

Absolutely impeccable. I honestly can’t fault this Album.


I had never heard of this band before and believe me when I say they have gained a new fan! I honestly cannot wait until I can attend a live show! Well done guys! Standing ovation from me!



“The agony flame”

Released 9th February 2024.


Review by Lucy Parr

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