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Dr. Snags

You might not know me by Rob Oleksy, but you may know me by on-air personality as Dr. Snags. Yes, I am the host and conductor of the Rock-n-Roll Express Show. I started off as a young tyke playing the piano, but that stopped when I went to college and became a DJ at their radio station to play lots of great Metal and Punk, and I loved broadcasting it. As all good things, that all ended once I graduated. So, after that, life happened. I got a job, a loving wife (April), watched two kids grow up, and got my PhD. Now I’m back to do what I love, but this time DJ Dr. Snags is global. The Rock-n-Roll Express Show dives in into decades worth of the great genre of Rock-n-Roll, be it Metal, Punk, Alternative, Goth, Industrial, Glam, Horror, Acid, Rockabilly, SKA, and Blues; you may even hear some Funk, Jazz and Soul as well. We’ll also fuel this Express with notable music movements such as the NWOBHM. Every week’s journey includes the Rock-n-Roll Express stopping into a “Railroad Station of the Week”, where you get to hear some of the wonderful bands that came out the city where that Station is located in. Finally, to make the Express go “over the top”, each show includes a fourplay of Motörhead, which spans decades worth of fantastic tunes brought to you by Lemmy and the Boys. The Rock-n-Roll Express Show is guaranteed to make you move, whether its to tap your toes, shake your head, dive off a stage, or just get into the pit and have some fun. So, to hop aboard the Rock-n-Roll Express you don’t need a ticket, all you need to tune in to the Crew Rock Radio and listen to Dr. Snags Rock-n-Roll Express show and enjoy the journey. And for goodness’ sake, don’t forget to mind the gap.

Top Ten Albums:

Motorhead – Bomber Tank –

Filth Hounds of Hades Black Flag –

Damaged Dead Kennedys –

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Nick Cave –

Kicking against the Pricks Sisters of Mercy –

First Last and Always Misfits –

Walk Among Us Anti-Nowhere League –

We are the League The Darkness –

Permission to Land Cult – Love

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