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Jessica Walford

Hey my name is Jess and I’m gonna be writing reviews for the crew rock radio with my friend Cobain Kemp. I’ve always had a big love for all different types of music, especially industrial metal and synth metal and am very excited to be writing reviews for the crew rock radio.

Top 10 albums
1.Murderdolls – Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls
2.Theatre of Tragedy – Theatre of Tragedy
3.And One – Bodypop
4.Thin Lizzy- Jailbreak
5.Rob Zombie – Hellbilly deluxe
6.Sepultura – Roots
7.David Bowie – Rise and fall of ziggy stardust
8.Lorna Shore – Pain remains
9.Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses
10.Pearl Jam – Ten
Most metal member of the team.

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