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Lucy Parr

Lucy (Lj )

Music and marvel loving gamer and slasher horror enthusiast! My music taste is very diverse but rock is my first love.

When I was about 13 years old I first fully fell in love with rock music. I’ve been reviewing since November 2023 and I absolutely love being introduced to new bands. As a teen I was an emo kid but as I’ve grown older I’ve explored music dating back to the 70’s. I love going to gigs and have been affectionately nicknamed “Barrier Queen”.

My top 10 albums was hard to do as I’m more of a song person and love many singular songs by artists. But if I had to choose it would be the following …


  • Offspring- Americana
  • Bring me the horizon- sempiternal
  • Bring me the horizon- post human survival horror
  • Highly suspect- mister asylum
  • Fleetwood mac- rumours
  • Linkin park- hybrid theory
  • My chemical romance- the black parade
  • Måneskin- rush
  • AC/DC- Highway to hell
  • Don broco- technology

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