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Infected Rain – Time

So, Moldovan female-fronted heavy metal band, Infected Rain are releasing their new
12-track album ‘Time’. on February 9th 2024, Following the end of their American tour, supporting Wednesday 13.
This a great album, each track offering something new, combining use of synth rock
elements, ambience, and modern metal to create a unique listen for all fans. With a perfect
mix of clean and heavy vocals, songs like ‘Game of Blame’ and ‘Never to Return’ offer the
audience a great listen.
The album opener, ‘Because I let you’ makes for a great opening track, with great riffs to
start and catchy melody from start to finish. This song is a perfect introduction to the range
that Lena Scissorhands can manage. However, I personally think the music gets better as
the album progresses.
Another standout track from the album is ‘Lighthouse’. This one includes trance elements
and ambience. This gives the song a melodic feel, once again giving listeners something
fresh and new to listen to. Songs like this one help to show the range that Infected Rain with
the different elements put into their music.
‘Pandemonium’ is another notable track off the album. What impressed me is the smooth
transitions from the clean trance-like to heavy metal vocals – giving me strong hints of
Ukrainian Metal Band Jinjer. My favourite part of this song is definitely the synth-like
sampling towards the beginning of the track. This offers a new sound that is definitely
pleasing to listen to.
Yet another standout track is ‘Vivarium’. Vivarium is another great example of how Infected
Rain can smoothly mix different genres of music, this song giving a synth rock feel whilst
also expertly delivering clean, soft vocals – before delving into heavy vocals in yet another
smooth transition – making another easy yet great listen.
Lastly to end the album, Infected Rain brought fans a beautiful 3-minute instrumental titled ‘A
Second or a Thousand Years’. This is a beautiful way to end the album, showing the range
of the instruments used. In my opinion, this was a great closing track.
One thing that impresses me about this album is the pure range of samples, with synth and
techno elements to trance and ambience. Infected Rain are consistently showing fans their
pure talent and range. I believe Infected Rain are only going to grow in popularity, especially
following their upcoming tour, supporting Amaranthe and Dragonforce in February and
March 2024, as well as there presence at Bloodstock 2024. If you’re a new listener looking
for new metal bands to get into, this band is definitely worth checking out.


Review By Jessica Walford & Cobain Kemp

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