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Cobain Kemp

Hi my name is Cobain Kemp and I’m so happy to be part of the crew rock radio team with me mate Jess Walford to review newly released albums. I’ve been playing guitar since age 8 and have grown a love for performing and a adoration for all forms of music believing every genre has something to offer.


Top 10 Albums:

  • W.A.S.P – Self Titled
  • Sodom – Tapping the Vein
  • Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
  • Thin Lizzy – Thunder and Lightning
  • Thin Lizzy – Black Rose
  • Megadeth – Peace Sells
  • Bathory – The Return
  • Bloodbath – Resurrection Through Carnage
  • King Diamond – Abigail
  • Onslaught – In Search Of Sanity

Loves subway sandwiches.


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